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"It’s all for me."

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stop romanticizing the idea of becoming so dependent on another human being that you cannot function adequately without their presence goodbye

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“Thanks to all my cast and crew. To Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman and Maggie Siff. All of you guys mean so much.” | KATEY SAGAL, Golden Globe Award Acceptance Speech [x]

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cheese board by jennifer joyce

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“ Se ne sentono talmente tante, una più una meno… non fa gran differenza. ”

—     Corto Maltese, Una ballata del mare salato


I present you the Chunface.

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Pure Happiness. (x)

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a  toast

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I was so waiting for this…

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“ I lived too much in my head instead of the real world. ”

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To me, She represents all the secrets of this world... [x]

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